Become An Ambassador

DellaCura was born from the interest of a small group of people who loved the products before they had an official name. This Focus Group tried free samples of the products and offered their feedback, and in doing so helped refine the products to what they are today. The group has grown over time, and as it has, something special happened. A small group within this group became DellaCura Ambassadors, after completing a special approval process. They participate in the growth of DellaCura and are an integral part of DellaCura's history and success.

You too can be a DellaCura Ambassador!

DellaCura Ambassadors receive free products before they're made available to the public. After using the products, they fill out surveys about their experience. They're always the first to have all new products, and they receive exclusive special offers on new DellaCura products.

Become a DellaCura Ambassador to receive these exclusive offers, along with a special insider's newsletter and first look at all new products. Ambassadors will be featured on the DellaCura website.

In order to start the process to become a DellaCura Ambassador, send the following 3 items to

  1. a digital photo that is a closeup of your face (portrait)
  2. a photo that reflects what you like to do (vacation picture, or you playing the guitar, painting, etc!)
  3. testimonial (1 to 3 paragraphs)

Once you have been officially approved, you will be notified by a "Welcome" email that will offer further details.