The unique art of the cure by DellaCura

Skincare Formulas With 100% Active Ingredients

DellaCura Serums

For centuries, essential oils have been recognized for their healing and restorative powers.  DellaCura harnesses these powers and goes one critical step further.  This step - and the secret to our success - is DellaCura's unique "delivery system."  Every ingredient we use has a molecular structure that is smaller than the molecular structure of the outer layer of the skin. The result is that all of our ingredients are able to penetrate the skin's epidermis and reach the cellular level where healing actually begins.

By contrast, most commercial products on the market today use water or petroleum derivatives as carrier agents. These base ingredients, which often constitute up to 99% of a product's formulation, are incapable of penetrating the skin's outer layer because of their large molecular size. So instead of providing nourishment, they merely "coat" the skin's surface. That means most commercial products contain just 1% active ingredients!

Unhampered by size, all DellaCura ingredients are 100% active. So your skin gets 100% of the nourishment it needs to stimulate nature's repair process and promote faster, healthier cell renewal. The result is healthier, more beautiful skin!

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