Best Esstial Oils for Fall and Winter

There are plenty of amazing uses for essential oils all year round, but during the Fall and Winter months there are particular essential oils that you should take advantage of!

Let's start with tickling one of the best senses, smell. Ah, aromatherapy, how we truly love thee. There are some pretty amazing scents that you can create by mixing certain oils to really highlight the amazing scents of Fall and Winter. Here are a few of our favorite recipes that we have found. These recipes are not meant to be put on your skin but are meant to be diffused in an essential oil diffuser.  Essential oil recipes are designed to heighten the strengths of the separate oils, by combining them with other oils that react well with each other.

Fall Walk
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Ginger
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Birch

Relaxing Tree Lined Path
3 drops Frankincense
2 drops Pine
1 drop Cedarwood
Cold Morning Frost
5 drops Fir Needle
2 drops Wintergreen
1 drop Rosemary
2 drops Cajeput
1 drop Cedarwood
Woodsy Winter Surprise

4 drops Pine
2 drops Black Pepper
3 drops Grapefruit

Of course essential oils are much more than just their amazing smells Here are some oils, after diluting them with a base oil such as jojoba oil, that is great when applied to the skin. It is recommended that you do not apply pure essential oils directly to the skin, and dilute them first. Essential oils can do amazing things for your health and skin as well. Here are some of the essential oils we highly recommend you keep on hand during the next few months:

Lavender Oil

Lavender is definitely one of the most popular essential oils that come to mind. It is really helpful in so many ways as it has antibacterial, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects. This oil is especially helpful in clearing up a stuffy nose, making it ideal for allergies and minor illnesses like the common cold. It can also help break up congestion when you add five drops to your humidifier each day. The cold weather of the winter season can do a number on your skin and leave it dry and flaky. The cold winds and the dry heat pumping into every building we enter, including our own homes, really can take a toll on your skin, drying it out. This essential oil has moisturizing effects to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy. You can also combine it with other skin-healthy oils, such as jojoba oil, for an extra burst of much needed hydration.

Peppermint Oil

The smell of peppermint is always something that comes to mind when Winter starts. Peppermint is probably most thought of as being an excellent way to freshen your breath, but one of its most important properties is as an excellent mood booster. Though Winter is a time when we are all supposed to be filled with holiday cheer, the reality is the holidays can cause a lot of stress, so having something extra to help boost our moods is always appreciated. It also has immune-boosting properties, good riddance colds, and works to reduce your appetite - might be handy when we over-indulge in our holiday eating. Peppermint helps to eliminate fatigue and ease depression and anxiety so that you are able to go about your days without interruption, and keep up that expected holiday cheer. As we already mentioned, peppermint helps to stimulate your immune system, but if you are already sick, it can help with several symptoms that are common with winter illnesses. If you have a sinus headache you really need to be able to alleviate the pressure from your sinuses for you to be able to finally feel sweet relief. Peppermint helps to relieve this sinus pressure and drain your sinuses so that you can get rid of the pain and stuffiness. Not to mention that peppermint oil can help you focus and keep you alert.

Nutmeg Oil

This one might be much less obvious than oils like peppermint and lavender, but it is still great for multiple reasons. Nutmeg is super calming, which is much needed after a day full of holiday cooking or shopping, or just after a typical day of work. Nutmeg is also great because its warming tendency can help with body aches brought on from being tired, a cold, or when stress starts to affect your body. Then of course there is the ability to make your house smell like you're baking some delicious treats (by defusing the oil) when you definitely don't have time for that.


Many consider this oil to be a typical go to oil when it comes to fall and winter but why? It is great for immunity boosting and purifying properties, like peppermint, which is always useful when the weather starts to change. It's also really great for giving your skin a healthy glow which is harder to get when we have much less sunlight every day and in general spend less time outside altogether. Frankincense is also great at helping with anxiety and giving you a bit of a mood boost, yet again we all know a little extra pep in our step is greatly appreciated. It can even help you with sleeping at night if you find that getting your mind and body to shut down at night is not as easy as you need it to be.