Hospital Kits and Cases

Comfort Kit

Our new Comfort Kits, coming to a hospital near you! These kits are complete with one Sweet Dreams aromatherapy patch, one Lip Balm, one hand lotion, ear plugs, and an eye mask, all in one beautiful and roomy case. Everything that a patient might need at a hospital that could make their stay so much better with the simplest of items that can be so easily overlooked. The case itself is incredibly useful. Hospitals loose hundreds of thousands of dollars a year simply on replacing dentures and glasses of patients that get lost while they are staying at the hospital. With plenty of space in the case of the kit, dentures, glasses, or both can comfortably fit within the contents of the case, making it much less likely for the items to be lost.

Recently some of our prototype kits were given to patients at a hospital and they were given review cards to share what they thought about the kits. If you'd like to see those reviews click here.

Comfort Case

Coming soon are our new Comfort Cases. Similar to the comfort kit: eye mask, ear plugs, aromatherapy patch, and lip balm, but with a larger sample of the hand lotion and an essential oil roller ball is added. The essential oil roller ball can come in multiple different recipes: to help relax, to help with nausea, to help with depression, and many more. All of which can be crucially helpful to a patient.

Staff Sack

Coming soon are our new Staff Sacks. Unlike our other kits which are focused on patients, these are all about the staff. Many times hospital staff get stuck at the hospital during emergencies, natural disasters, and other things similar. Often these incredible people are left with little to nothing as far as comfort and toiletries goes, but after a night on a cot in the hospital just need to keep working. This kit is going to contain different types of the most basic and helpful toiletries that can make starting a new day so much easier. These kits can be handed out to the staff in situations when they are needed and can greatly increase the happiness and therefore productivity of the staff.

***For more information and sales of our kits please contact Lisa Manuele by phone 914-432-8805.